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Imported Italian Wine Collection

Robust Red - $12 / $28

Experience the rich aroma of perfectly ripened grapes in this full-bodied red wine. Ideal for pasta and steak dishes.

Crisp White - $12 / $28

Savour the citrus and floral notes of this beautifully blended white wine. Perfect accompaniment to seafood or salads.

Bubbly Red - $12 / $28

Indulge in the fascinating flavour of this slightly sparkling, fruity red wine. Great with desserts or spicy dishes.

Rosé Elegance - $12 / $28

Sip on this elegant rosé with hints of wild berries and creamy accents. Perfect for light starters and chicken dishes.

Rich Cabernet - $12 / $28

Enrich your palate with the decadent dark chocolate and blackcurrant undertones of this bold red wine. Superb with grilled meats and mature cheeses.

Buttery Chardonnay - $12 / $28

Satisfy your taste buds with the smooth and butter-like finish of this well-balanced Chardonnay. Best paired with cheesy dishes or cream-based soups.

Fruity Rosé - $12 / $28

Quench your thirst with the juicy, sweet flavour of this refreshing rosé. Perfect for picnics and light meals.

Light Pinot Noir - $12 / $28

Discover the light and refreshing character of this delicious red wine, with light berry flavours and delicate aromas. Great with lamb and chicken.


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Looking for a slice of heaven? Pizza DeLuxe offers the best pizza in town, freshly made with the finest ingredients. Our menu is packed with delicious options to tickle your taste buds, with vegetarian and keto-friendly choices included. Come in today and sample our authentic Italian flavors!


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