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We don’t do “fire & forget” websites.  We offer a complete end-to-end service and then manage your website for you so you never have to wonder who to call.  We cover all aspects of website creation & management so you can focus on doing what you do best; concentrating on your day to day business.

From providing free, independent and no-obligation advice right through the design & build process to setting up your website for the search engines and monitoring ongoing performance, we do it all and we do it right the first time.

Services we offer

Domain name management

We’ll help you choose the best domain name for your website.  We’ll buy it on your behalf and manage settings and renewals for you.

Website hosting

We’ll keep your website up and running on our secure dedicated servers based in the UK.  This includes daily backups, security and critical behind the scenes software updates as well as regular performance, compliance and speed tests.

Email provision

We offer 25 Gigabyte, secure mailboxes which can be accessed from webmail or any smartphone, tablet or desktop email client, including MS Outlook.  You may have as many email addresses attached to your domain name as you need.  We offer full instructions for setting up your email on any device.

Licenced images and image preparation

You probably have photographs and images you’d like to use on your website – perhaps photographs of you, your products, your services and premises.  We give you a safe place to upload those images before we edit and prepare those images for use on the website, enhancing with PhotoShop as required.

There are times when we need to source high-quality images for your website to enhance the design.  We licence these images through our Adobe Stock Images platform.  Licences are included in the quotation we provide and are a one-off cost for both personal and commercial use.  We do not use un-licenced images so as to keep us and you secure from any copyright infringement claims.

Text content (copywriting)

Businesses often find it really hard to write about themselves in a style that is compelling for their potential customers.  We offer a full copywriting service so that from the briefest of background information, we can write great high-converting text copy for both customers and the search engines alike.

Forms and form management

We make forms.  Forms are an important part of modern web standards and, whether they’re a simple contact form or a more complex online dynamic and conditional quotation form, we can make them work for your business.  Talk to us about our forms capabilities, you’ll be amazed at what we can do. Take a look at our website cost estimator for an example of conditional forms in action.

e-Commerce selling online

We offer fully configured e-commerce websites so, whether you’re just selling a few or thousands of products, we have the capabilities to design & build you a fully-functioning e-commerce website that really works for your business.  Not only that but we’ll get you started with full training for adding and managing your products and orders.  We also integrate your website with the payment gateway of your choice* to make sure the money flows smoothly.

*Always talk to us first about payment gateways and your options.  Some work out very expensive and some are very unreliable.  We’re happy to share our thoughts, experience and recommendations.

Maintenance & updates

You might think that once your website is up and running, that’s job done, right?   Well, no. Websites need looking after if they are to continue running smoothly and free from errors plus, they also need to be kept secure from increasingly innovative hackers, spammers & hijackers.  That’s what we do.  During the first month of your website going live, we check your website daily, performing any necessary updates to the software behind the scenes, checking search ranking positions and making minor tweaks to text and images to give your website the best possible opportunity of ranking well.  After the first month, we move to weekly testing & checking and then, after 3 months, move to monthly manual checking but also monitoring your website using automated tools to flag any potential issues before they become a problem and we fix them.

Your maintenance & updates agreement also includes unlimited minor changes to text and images that you request.

Reviews integration

We’re able to dynamically include reviews on your website from a number of sources including, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb and TrustIndex.  This is a great way to demonstrate ‘social trust’ and can dramatically increase the number of enquiries & sales.  See how we’ve done it here.

Appointment booking solutions

We offer fully functional & flexible appointment booking solutions integrated right into your website.  Ideal for single or multiple practitioners in clinics, hairdressers, gyms, consultants etc.  Our solutions also include online payments and a customised interface for managing available times, dates, practitioner availability etc.  See example.

Class & session bookings

Integrated into your website and ideal for businesses offering classes, workshops etc. where multiple customers can book individual or group sessions.  Simply set the date & time, maximum and minimum participants, price and details and let the software look after the rest.  Also includes online payments and booking management.

Listing websites

Listing websites can be a great business opportunity.  Listing & rating products, restaurants, accommodation, classifieds etc. are extremely popular.  Our bespoke listing solutions include everything needed to run the business including payments, listing management, renewals, social sharing etc.

Food, drink & restaurant websites

We offer visually compelling websites for restaurants, takeaways, bars, pubs etc. with or without online bookings. For businesses providing a takeaway service, we can include online ordering & payments with “pizza” style options.  See for an example of what’s possible.  An incredibly affordable, flexible, order-boosting solution integrated right into your own website with NO additional fees per order.  You own it, you control it every step of the way.

Perfect for Indian, Chinese, Kebab and Pizza outlets.

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