Do you spend too long processing the information which drives and supports your business?

No matter how large or small your business is, there’s a strong likelihood that you have to spend time transposing written information to digital, on your phone, on the computer etc. You probably also spend time on spreadsheets, word processors and other systems when you could be spending your time earning more money, winning new customers or simply taking some well-deserved downtime.

We can help.

Case studies

Transport & waste management

A client of ours runs a transport and waste management company.  This business is heavily regulated in several areas and relies upon hardcopy forms (in triplicate) and staff filling them in correctly.  The risk of errors is pretty high both in completing the array of forms and then copying them into a spreadsheet and into weekly and monthly reports.  These errors then cause problems when it comes to audits and spot checks by the relevant authorities.  The whole process was incredibly time-consuming and, therefore, costly.

What we did

First of all, we took apart all of the various processes and identified all of the inputs and outputs.  We further looked at the points of weakness and areas where costly errors could creep in.  We examined all of the hardcopy forms in use and identified where conditional logic and repurposing of data could be used – for example, why type an address 3 times when you could select it once and use it over and over again? 

Once confident we had a good understanding of the business needs, we set about developing online forms for each area of the business.  We created forms for Waste Transfer Notes, Vehicle checklists and more and these were created “mobile first” so that operators & drivers could use them easily on their smartphones.

The online forms we created with advanced conditions so that, options were available from a dropdown menu (reducing the risk of error) and depending on the option selected, only the required fields would then be shown.  In some cases, because of this, we were able to compress a 3-page form into just 5 questions with no manual typing required.

The result of re-engineering these processes has resulted in huge time savings for the client.  In one example, the processing of a form has been reduced from 90 minutes down to around 5 minutes and the risk of error reduced to almost zero. 

Talk to us about how we can re-engineer your business processes and save both money, time and frustration!

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