Website Creation FAQ

Below you’ll find a number of commonly asked questions but, if you can’t find an answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Usually, yes.  If you find yourself needing an urgent web presence we can usually establish a holding page for you in a few hours.  It’ll just be a single page showing who you are, what you offer and, vitally, how you can be contacted.  We can then continue to develop the full website once the immediate pressure is off.  Get in touch on 07525 013666 any day any time and we’ll always do our best to help.

Not sure what that means but, it sounds a bit highbrow!  If you mean, “what design rules do you follow?” then the answer is none.  Of course, there are the basics of font pairing and colour palettes that work well but, if let loose, we do like to push the envelope and be a bit more daring than some.  You see, we believe that alongside all of the practical considerations of usability and accessibility, website visitors have an expectation to be “entertained” and whether that’s by using fancy graphics, animations or some other cool features, it’s those features that can make the difference between a visitor spending 5 seconds or 60 seconds looking at what you offer and that can be vitally important in turning a casual glance into a sales prospect.

It depends on what functionality you need and every website is different.  We’ll be able to give you a rough idea once we’ve had a chat with you though or feel free to use our new Website cost estimator tool

Usually no more than 30 days and often 10-14 days depending upon the complexity of your website and our workload.  However, we’re no strangers to rush jobs so, if you find yourself needing a new website tomorrow (yes, we have been asked several times) then get in touch, we’ll always do our best for you.

For most jobs, we ask for a 30% deposit on acceptance of our proposal with the balance due on completion. 

Yes and no!  If you’re a new venture just starting out, we understand cash flow can be a headache and severely limiting.  In some circumstances, we can offer a rental, pay monthly deal so, best talk to us if you feel this is something you’re going to need.

Sadly, many popular domain names have already been taken but, that doesn’t mean we can’t help you find something suitable.  Domain names only really matter when it comes to having a memorable one which looks sensible on you business cards, side of your vehicle and, of course, when you tell your web address, it needs to be easily remembered.

If you’re a UK business that will be mainly trading in the UK then it makes sense to have a domain name.

Not so long ago, we had only 5 or 6 top-level domain names to choose from .com. .net and .org to name but three of the most popular.  Today though, we can choose from a few hundred variations such a .biv .tv .agency so, are these a good idea or best avoided?  Technically, there is no real reason not to use one but, the jury is still very much out.  Our advice is to only consider such a TLD (Top level Domain) if it is an exact fit for your business – for example, if your business name is “Web Design Agency” and the domain name is available, it’s a good fit but, if you’re known as “Pete’s Plumbing” then choosing is probably not a good idea.

Yes.  We buy the domain but submit it to the registrar in your name.  That way we can look after the technical aspect of managing the domain name and can also automatically look after renewals for you if you’re on a maintenance & updates plan.

As a business owner, sole trader or partnership, you do have a legal duty to display certain information on your website,  As standard, we provide templates of all compliance documents but, as the business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure they meet the specific needs of your business.  This article explains the requirements clearly.

Yes.  We include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of every website we make.  We don’t charge any extra for the basic level of SEO which is sufficient for most smaller businesses.  However, if you wish to discuss more in-depth and aggressive SEO strategies, please get in touch.

We don’t profess to be graphic artists but, we are pretty adept with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop so, it depends on what you need.  If it’s a simple logo, yes, we can help but, for more complex graphics work, we partner with The Studio here in Herne Bay especially if the logo etc. is required also for printing, vehicle graphics etc.

Possibly.  It depends how it was built and where it is hosted.  Often though, it’s less work and therefore cheaper for you to have us build a new website from scratch.  Ask us, we may be able to help.

No, sorry.  Websites built on these platforms use proprietary tools which make them difficult for us to manage.  What we could do is to build you a new website and, sometimes people find this is cheaper because it can avoid the monthly costs which can get pretty high on Wix or Shopify.

Yes, we do.  For more information please take a look here.

Yes but, our experience is that while this might seem like a good thing to do, business owners are often too busy with their core business to become part time website editors.  We can look after all updates for you within our maintenance plan.

Typically it can take anywhere between 3 and 12 weeks but we’ve known new websites to appear in under 24 hours.  It all depends upon Google and how relevant they think your website is to customer searches.  We always make sure your website contains relevant text copy and is structured in a way that Google (and other search engines) will like but, ultimately, it’s all down to how much competition there is in your business sector and Google. themselves.

No, and nobody can no matter what they may tell you.  Google ranks websites according to their relevance to a particular search term as well as considering the content of a website, website security, speed and a number of other factors.  Our approach is to build a website finely tuned so as to give Google no reason not to rank well.  However, we can not guarantee a certain placement.  If your business needs to hit the ground running and appear highly placed right out of the blocks, we can discuss strategies such as Google and Social Media advertising which can help but, can be expensive.

Yes.  Every website we make gets integrated with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and we don’t charge extra for that service.  We can also offer heat mapping and other more advanced user and website analytics with Microsoft Clarity.

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