Websites for clubs and societies

Does your club or society have a website or perhaps you're thinking about having one? 

If so, you already know just how important a website is for communicating with members and potential new members and yet, for many, the Club website is a millstone around the neck and for others, they find themselves with an out-of-date website that they are unable to update, change or add functionality easily.

For a start, who looks after it?  Who updates it regularly and what happens if they leave or move away?  This is a problem faced by all clubs and societies at some point in their existence.

These are the common problems faced by clubs & societies when it comes to websites

  • We have a “free” website but, frankly, it looks horrific.
  • It was made by a willing volunteer who is no longer around.
  • That willing volunteer now does not have time to keep the website updated & secure.
  • Our website has vanished because nobody knew they had to renew the domain name each year.
  • We could do a lot more with our website but, we don’t have the skills & knowledge.
  • Someone suggested we didn’t need a website and to use a Facebook page instead.  Now we seem to have lost touch with our membership and we’re no longer in control.
  • We would like to send our newsletters electronically but, that seems to be beyond our capabilities.
  • We would like a members-only section which requires a secure login.
  • We would like to be able to advertise, promote and take payments for events but, again, it seems to be a technical bridge too far.
  • We would like to be able to accept membership fees online.
  • We’re worried about GDPR and that’s holding us back as we always get into a never-ending debate on the subject.



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